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There are several different ways to set up widgets for SmartThings events for a watch or phone depending on the device's operating system.


Official Widgets for IOS or Android

The official SmartThings mobile app allows you to set up a widget that will activate a SmartThings routine. This means if you want to toggle a groups of lights on and off, you would have to have two widgets, one for on and one for off. First create the routine in the SmartThings mobile app. It will then show up as an option on the widget set up screen for the account.

Link to official instructions for setting up and managing widgets: [[1]]

Known Issues with official Widgets

Sometimes updating to a new version of the mobile app can cause the Apple Watch widgets to fail. Generally, you will have to first remove the widgets in the SmartThings mobile app, remove the SmartThings app from the watch, and then reinstall the mobile app before turning them on again and reinstalling the watch app.

Link to Official instructions for addressing the crash problem: [[2]]

Known Issues with third party Widgets

In order to authorize UK accounts, third-party developers must officially submit their SmartApps for approval by SmartThings. Several of the major community SmartApps like SharpTools and SmartRules are officially approved and can be used by global users.

This is a known problem and is being worked on. However, it affects many of the third-party widgets including the IFTTT do button.


Because SmartThings has an IFTTT channel [[3]], you can set up a Do button widget. This will activate a single device.

Android Third Party Widgets

SharpTools Shortcuts: A Thing, A Phrase, A Mode
SharpTools 'A Thing': Shortcut vs. Widget

The third-party app, SharpTools can create multiple kinds of widgets for Android. SharpTools includes an easy-to-use interface that allows you to select the device and action you would like the widget to take. SharpTools has the option to create Shortcuts and Widgets.

SharpTools includes the following widgets/shortcuts:

  • A Thing
  • A Mode
  • A Phrase (aka: Routine)
  • A Thing (Widget)

Shortcuts look much like a normal app icon on your Android homescreen, but allow you to take action without ever opening an app. SharpTools includes shortcuts for controlling Things, changing Modes, and running Routines/Phrases. For example, you might setup a shortcut to toggle a light, change to Away mode, or run the Good Night! routine. One benefit of shortcuts is they can be grouped together much like normal apps. This allows you the benefit of being able to group multiple similar actions into a single 'folder'.

Widgets enable rich interfaces directly on the Android homescreen. In the case of SharpTools, this means widgets can display different icons based on the device type and can display the current status of the device. The widgets provide additional insight into the status of the device by displaying a yellow highlight when the device is on/active and a grey background when the device is off/inactive. Much like shortcuts, widgets can be used to control lights, locks, switches, and more.

iOS Third Party Widgets

The third-party app, SmartRules, is a rules engine that includes a widget feature.

Any web browser, including Windows phone, Dashboard alternative

Instead of widgets, you can use one of the third-party customizable dashboard apps like SmartTiles [4]] to create a mini dashboard with two or four tiles that can be toggles.