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This is a table of Buttons and Remotes that have been confirmed to work with SmarThings

Full discussion here: FAQ: Full list of buttons and remotes confirmed to work with SmartThings

Buttons & Remotes
Region Manufacturer Protocol Name Model Battery? # Buttons / Scenes ~ $ DH Notes

EU Develco / Frient ZigBee Panic Button CR2450 1 Official
EU Heatit Z-Wave Z-Push Z-Push 2, Z-Push 4, Z-Push 8 CR2450 2/4/8 €55
US, UK Aeon Labs Z-Wave Minimote DSA03202 Rechargable 4/8 $25 Official Micro USB port for charging
US, UK Aeon Labs Z-Wave Panic Button DSA38 CR2 1/2 $35 Official
US, UK Aeon Labs Z-Wave Wallmote ZW130-A Rechargable 4/8 $60
US, UK Xiaomi ZigBee Mi Wireless Switch - CR1632 1/2 $10 difficult to pair
US, UK Sylvania ZigBee Smart+ Dimming Switch 73743 Lithium 2/4 $25 OSRAM, Can cover existing switch
US, UK Sylvania ZigBee 4 Button Remote 74099 Lithium 4/8 $35 ? No DH Yet