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How to Set Up a Door Open Chime/Siren

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If you have a speaker that has a specific text to speech feature, such as Sonos, you can use a smartapp called "speaker notify with sound." To install it, open the mobile app, tap on the marketplace icon (asterisk icon in the lower right), choose "smart apps" at the top of the screen, scroll down until you find "music and sounds" and open that. This will then list the officially published smart apps in this category. Look through the list until you find "speaker notify with sound" and select it.
As of November 2016, the echo does not have a specific text to speech feature, although the company has indicated that may be coming in 2017. So you will have to use other methods for thatfor now. You can use the quick browse lists in this wiki and look under either alerts or voice to find those options. []
All of the devices in this category cost more than the simple alert devices or the Aeon doorbell discussed above so in most cases you would only choose this method if you already had the speaker device for other reasons.

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