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How to Set Up a Door Open Chime/Siren

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Devices to Make a Chime Sound Once SmartThings Recognizes the Trigger Event
'''1. [ Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors]
This app supports Chimes, SMS, Push Notifications and Text To Speech (TTS) Notifications and can monitor contact sensors, locks, presence sensors, tampers, switches and buttons. It requires a paid license to RBoy apps.
==Using the Built-in Chimes In the ADT Model Hub==
If you have the SmartThings ADT model hub and the dual logo ADT/SmartThings Door Sensors, you can set up one of about a dozen different Voice or chime notifications for each of those sensors using the “security options” for the individual sensor in the app. This works with either the classic app or the new app. Some of the choices include a doorbell type sound, a triple beep, voice announcement, etc. The sound will play only on the hub itself. It can only be set up to work with the dual logo sensors, not any of your other sensors. And this option is only available for this model hub.
==Devices to Make a Chime Sound Once SmartThings Recognizes the Trigger Event==
And again, this option can run locally as long as the sensor and the smartplug run locally.
'''8. Various Text to Speech(TTS)/Custom Sound Speakers (cost varies, but is typically $150 and up except for the Echo Dot up)''' (Some options will work with the new app, it depends on the device)
Some speakers have the ability to play custom sounds or spoken announcements, such as Sonos, Bose SoundTouch, or Samsung's Multi-Room Speakers. If you have such a speaker, you can use a smartapp called "Speaker Companion" to trigger sounds from SmartThings events. To install it, open the mobile app, tap on the marketplace icon (asterisk icon in the lower right), choose "smart apps" at the top of the screen, scroll down until you find "music and sounds" and open that. This will then list the officially published smart apps in this category. Look through the list until you find "Speaker Companion" and select it.
All of the devices in this category cost more than the simple alert devices or the Aeon doorbell discussed above so in most cases you would only choose this method if you already had the speaker device for other reasons.
Using A different method is to use Alexa routines with any Echo device. You can have an echo device speak a custom phrase by using “notifications“. However, in order to trigger the Alexa routine, you will need to create a virtual sensor that you can activate from smartthings. So it’s quite a different method from the speakers that can use speaker connect. See the community FAQ for directions. [ Echo Speaks117918] integration for Alexa, you can now have Alexa speak notifications. This requires the use of compatible SmartApps which support Text to Speech (TTS) notifications.
'''9. Android as an Audible Alert (requires an android phone/tablet)''' (Requires classic app)

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