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* Smart Vents (optional) such as Keen Home Smart Vents, Econet, Ecovent and the Flair Vents
N.B. For the Keen Home vents: I recommend to use the following DTHs (to avoid too much polling): (refer to the README for the installation steps and how to use the configure tile to avoid excessive polling).
For the Flair vent, refer to
* ST Temperature Sensors in your rooms (optional) : for optimal cooling/heating setpoints and vents' adjustments
=> Do not use the ones attached to the smart vents as the temp readings are affected by the airflow.
N.B. For the Keen temp sensors, you need to use the Xiaomi aqara temp sensor DTH, but they are difficult to pair:
Refer to
* ST Motion sensors (optional): to detect if rooms are occupied
* ST Contact sensors (optional) for opening/closing the vents when contacts are open/closed

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