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This page is provided to the SmartThings Community for documenting "known camera / video feed types" for use with SmartTiles and ActionTiles. Most of these will be compatible with the initial release of ActionTiles V6.

Please create a new Heading Level 2 (==) for each camera brand, and new Heading Level 3 (===) for each set of camera models that share the same connection details and hints. Other formatting suggestions may evolve. Thank-you.

BRAND: HikVision

- mjpeg live stream with url = http://user:pw@

- snapshot image of stream with url = http://user:pw@

Camera Model

Variations for KikVision cameras of specific models if the general Camera Brand instructions need tailoring.




BRAND: Armcrest


MJPEG - http://user:password@ip_address:port/cgi-bin/mjpg/video.cgi?channel=0&subtype=1

BRAND: Next Camera Brand

Camera Model 1

Details for recommended stream and/or Stop Motion Video (SMV) URLs and other helpful tips.

Camera Model 2

Details for recommended URLs and other helpful tips.