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Samsung has announced the intention to tie together their smart appliances, smart entertainment devices including televisions, and the Internet of things within three years. However, no specific timeline or models have been given.

  • In the fall of 2015, official integration between SmartThings and the Samsung Radiant speaker system [[1]] was released.
  • Some community members have created an unofficial partial integration with Samsung Smart Televisions. It requires considerable technical knowledge to install. Forum discussion: [[2]]
  • In December of 2015 there was a preannouncement [[3]] by SmartThings staff in the forums that the CES 2016 event in January would include an announcement that all 2016 Samsung smart TVs would have some degree of smartthings integration. Exact details will have to wait for the event.
  • In late 2016 official integration was added with a few models of Samsung digital appliances. This integration only works with the V2 hub, not the V1. For details, see the official support article [4]
  • There is also an official integration between SmartThings and Logitech Harmony for their universal remote with the Harmony home hub. This can be used with most televisions, including many Samsung models, but it does require also buying the harmony. It allows for use of home automation logic and devices, including motion sensors, contact sensors, presence sensors, etc. as triggers for Harmony activities. This configuration can also be combined with the Amazon Echo for handsfree voice control of the television.