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As of August 2021, there are seven different versions of the SmartThings hub being sold at retail, Plus some regional variance. There are also a few older versions from the kickstarter phase and some model variants, but in terms of feature differences, these are the important ones.

Z wave frequency varies in different regions, so if you live in the US, Mexico, or Canada, you'll need the US version of the hub. If you live in the EU, you'll need the U.K. version of the hub. If you live in Australia, you’ll need the Australian version of the hub. For other countries, you'll need to check which Z wave frequency is legal where you live.

There is a migration tool available, but support has to use it for you and it only works if your old hub is still working and you were going from a V2 or V3 to a new V3. So if your old hub isn’t working and you buy a new hub, even one of the exact same model, you will have to rebuild your entire system from scratch. And even if support can use the migration tool for you, you may still have to rejoin some physical devices individually. So if you are interested in the migration tool, you will need to contact support and the process may still be complex.

Available for Purchase New From the Manufacturer

  • 1. Samsung SmartThings Hub V2 (US) {Still supported, but there is a newer model}, model numbers STH-ETH-200, STH-ETH-250
  • 2. Samsung SmartThings Hub (UK) {Still supported, but there is a newer model}, model numbers F-HUBUK-V1, STH-ETH-251, F-HUBUK-V2

  • 3. Samsung SmartThings Hub 2018 (US), also called V3, model number GP-U999SJVLGDA or STH-ETH-300

This standalone hub model costs less than previous models ($69 vs $99) and can connect via either Wi-Fi or ethernet.

  • 4. Samsung SmartThings Hub 2018 (UK), model number GP-U999SJVLGEA

Same as the US version, just with a different Z wave frequency.

  • 5. In late 2020, Samsung made a decision to no longer manufacture SmartThings-branded hardware, but to turn that over to manufacturer partners. As of 2021, the partner for Australia, the US, and the UK/EU is Aeotec.

The first Aeotec release was essentially a clone of the V3 hub, just with a different logo. model number GP-AEOHUBV3EU/UK/AN/US where the suffix indicates the region.

  • 6. Samsung WiFi with Plume (US), model number ET-WV525KWEGUS
  • 7. Samsung WiFi (UK), model numbers ET-WV523

-The WiFi models are both a Wi-Fi router and a SmartThings hub. Note that "Samsung WiFi" is the second generation of the router model and includes the Plume technology. The Samsung Connect Pro and the Samsung Connect models use the same firmware.)

Announced but not Yet Available

In addition, the following devices have been certified with third-party organizations, but have not yet been released for sale and no timeline has been announced. Since Samsung will no longer be making smart things Dash branded hardware, it seems likely that this may never be released.

SmartThings Extend for Samsung smart televisions (US), model numbers F-USB-US-V1

No Longer Available, Most Will Not Complete Setup

SmartThings Hub V1 on nonUS Frequencies (UK, Australia, etc), this was available to kickstarter backers only, never sold at retail

SmartThings Hub V1 (US) {discontinued Summer 2021}, model numbers F-H-ETH-001, STH-ETH-001

SmartThings Hub V2 on Korean Frequency (used for a pilot program which was then shut down), model numbers STH-ETH-252

Nvidia Shield Link, model numbers F-USB-US-M-1. Discontinued in the summer of 2021.

-This model was an add on to the Nvidia Shield streaming media console.

SmartThings/ADT Security Hub (US) {discontinued Summer 2021}, model numbers F-ADT-HUB-1

Samsung Connect (US), model numbers ET-WV520, ET-WV530

Samsung Connect (Singapore), model numbers ET-WV521, ET-WV531