GE Z-wave Dimmer Switch

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Brand: GE

Model: GE12724

Type: Switch

Protocol: Z-wave

Capabilities: Actuator, Indicator, Switch, Polling, Refresh, Sensor

Device Type Author: SmartThings



This paddle switch replaces a standard dimmer switch and joins your Z-wave network to allow manual and wireless control of your lighting. The switch also includes a blue LED to indicate the light status which can be set to light up when the switch is on, when the switch is off, or to remain always off. Tapping the top of the paddle turns the light on to the last dim-level setting and tapping the bottom of the paddle turns the light off. Pressing and holding the paddle on the top or bottom dims the light up or down, respectively.


This switch requires a neutral wire in order to function.

Known Issues

Some GE switches are known to occasionally drop off of the Z-wave network, usually after 1 year of use. When this happens, the issue can usually be resolved by cutting power to the switch, or using the "Replace Device" functionality in SmartThings.

Device Type

This device is officially supported by SmartThings, so there is no need to self-publish the device type. The device type code is available here