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The Community Installer(Free_Marketplace) is a free marketplace developed by independent SmartThings Developers to bring a market place to life to allow for simple 'one-click' installation of a variety of community-developed SmartApps and Devices. This range from the home voice control of Ask Alexa ([1]) to the wildly popular rule-based automation engine WebCoRE ([2]).

And since this is run by the community, by the community, new applications or device will show up as more and more people discover the power of SmartThings.




Category: My Apps

Author: Anthony Santilli

ST Community handle:

Code contributions: Corey Lista

Documentation contributions: Michael Struck

Latest Versions

The latest version of each of the applications listed in this document (as of 2/15/18)
Application Version Location
Community Installer (Free Marketplace) 1.0.0213a

Open Source License/Trademarks

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use Community Installer (Free Marketplace) code except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at:

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

All product and company names are trademarks‚ĄĘ or registered¬ģ trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.


The following are the basic requirements to use Community Installer (Free Marketplace):

  • A mobile device running the SmartThings mobile application
  • Access to your SmartThings IDE

Privacy/Usage Statement

Community Installer (Free Marketplace) uses the SmartApp to act as a web service to automate the setup of various developers' SmartApps. At no time is any information about your personal SmartThings account, devices, or settings uploaded to the external web service.

The authors of this installer application are NOT responsible for any SmartApp and/or Devices displayed in the Community Installer (Free Marketplace). Any SmartApp or device appearing in the Community Installer (Free Marketplace) will always be the responsibility of the individual developer.

Further, the authors of this application will not be responsible for any damages obtained to yourself or your belongings while using Community Installer (Free Marketplace).

Use Community Installer (Free Marketplace) at your own risk!


The code for the SmartThings SmartApp is found on the GitHub site:

While on the GitHub site, find the Raw button and click it. This will bring up a non-formatted page with just the code present. Select all of the code (typically CTRL+A) and copy It (typically CTRL+C).



  • Once you are logged in, find the My SmartApps link on the top of the page. Clicking My SmartApps will allow you to produce a new SmartApp.


  • Find the button on this page labeled +New SmartApp and click it.


  • Since you already have the code in your computer‚Äôs clipboard, find the tab along the top section called From Code. In the area provided, paste (typically CTRL+V) the code you copied from GitHub. Click Create in the bottom left corner of the page.


  • This will bring up another page, with the code now formatted within the IDE. If the code was copied correctly, there are no other steps except to save and publish the code. In the upper right corner of the page, find and click Save. Now, click Publish (For Me), and you should receive a confirmation that the code has been published successfully.


Advanced Installation

For advanced users who have their SmartThings IDE integrated with GitHub, the installation and maintaining of SmartThings SmartApp code becomes very simple. This manual will not go into detail about setting up your IDE with GitHub; those instructions can be found on the SmartThings web site [[3]]

Once you have integration, the code you need will be available to you to download and keep in sync with the latest versions.

  • First, find the Settings button at the top of your SmartThings IDE page (this will only appear after you integrate with GitHub)


  • Clicking this button will open the GitHub Repository Integration page. To find the Community Installer (Free Marketplace) SmartApp code, enter the information as you see it below:
Owner Name Branch
tonesto7 st-community-installer Master


OAuth Setup

Community Installer (Free Marketplace) requires OAuth be enabled.

To enable OAuth, first find and click the App Settings button in the upper right corner of the SmartThings IDE. You must open the Community Installer (Free Marketplace) code to find this button.

From here, find the OAuth section toward the bottom of the page.


Clicking the OAuth link will reveal a button labeled Enable OAuth in Smart App. Click this button. The screen will change, giving you a unique code for your Client ID and Client Secret. These are the foundations of the security of your app and should be kept secret. You do not need to memorize or write down these codes; nor do you need to add any other information to this page. OAuth simply needs to be enabled for Community Installer (Free Marketplace) to operate.


The final step is to press the Update button at the bottom left corner of the screen, or go back to your code by using the button in the upper-right region of the page, then Save, then Publish the SmartApp again.



Once in follow the installation procedure above, along with enabling OAuth, you will be presented with the following screen:


On this page you will be required to choose your specific login to the SmartThings environment. Valid choices are either SmartThings or Samsung.

Once selected, tap <<Installer Home>>> and you will be prompted to login to the SmartThings.

   Please Note:
   As mentioned in the privacy statement, your data is not uploaded
   to any third-party server. Instead, Community Installer (Free Marketplace)
   queries your SmartThings configuration, building you an installer
   HTML page custom to you.

Main Menu (Home)

Once you successfully login, you will see the main home page:


Here, you can scroll through the available applications submitted to be included with Community Installer (Free Marketplace). Please note not all available SmartThings developers submit their applications through this installer; if you are a developer and wish to include your SmartApp here, please see the section Community_Installer_(Free_Marketplace)#Developers:_How_To_Add_Your_Apps_To_Community_Installer

From the home page, each application is listed with the name, the number of registered installs (from the installer) along with a cumulative rating from users across the SmartThings eco-system. You may also see a banner on the applications indicating whether the SmartApp or device has been installed or if an upgrade is available.

   If you are an active developer for the SmartThings environment
   and regularly do development within the SmartThings IDE, you may
   see an notification (likely on your own SmartApps) that an upgrade
   is available when in reality, this flag is indicating there is a 
   difference between the GitHub version and your IDE's version. Please
   note that upgrading from the GitHub will overwrite your current 
   application code.


Also included on the web page is a search feature. Use this area to search for specific programs or device type handlers (DTHs) that you are looking for.


Application Information

Tapping on any of the application boxes in the list on the home page will bring additional information about the application, including the author, project links, and even documentation and the GitHub information. In addition, you can rank the application.


As you scroll down through the information you will also see information about individual components of the Smartapp, their version numbers, and the ability to select or deselect optional items to install.



At the bottom of the information page for each application you will have the ability to install the application. In addition, if you already have a listed application installed and an upgrade is available, you will be given the ability to upgrade your code in your SmartThings IDE automatically using the installer.


The installation will handle adding the SmartApp and/or devices to your SmartThings IDE, and even add the links (if available) to sync the developer's GitHub with your SmartThings IDE. Finally, if the application required OAuth to be enabled the installer will do that as well as publishing the application (it the author deemed it necessary).


Security is at the backbone of the Community Installer (Free Marketplace). While you are required to log in to SmartThings to integrate this program, no information about your account or IDE is revealed to anyone.


In addition if you leave your the Community Installer (Free Marketplace) open and go to other screens on your mobile device you may be required to refresh the page or even log back in. This is to ensure the security of your environment.

Current Featured Apps

  • List to come soon (There is 15 apps currently)

Developers: How To Add Your Apps To Community Installer

To maintain integrity of the marketplace, developers can not post directly to Community Installer (Free Marketplace). Instead, the list of available applications is maintained by a small group of individuals (including the author of this application). This prevents rouge applications from being place into your IDE.

If you are a developer and would like to have your application available to the community through the Community Installer (Free Marketplace), please follow the following steps:

  • The developers must fill out a JSON manifest that allows the installer to present the necessary information to the users.
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