Bug: presence sensor always home (UK)

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Description of the Issue

In October 2015, some UK members begin reporting that presence sensors (the Zigbee fob device) which had previously worked correctly were now always showing at home.

Regions affected: UK

Phone OS affected: All

UsersAffected: Some

Variable or Always Occurs: Always once the problem starts. Resetting the device may temporarily correct it.

Prior/Intended Function

The Zigbee presence sensor works by checking in with the SmartThings hub in the home, which then reports the arrival status to the cloud account. There is a variable setting to allow for checking in at slightly different intervals, and for the number of missed check ins before the device is noted as away. There is no exit event. The device's status is changed to away after it misses a certain number of check-in's.

SmartThings official response

The issue is noted as "trending." It is being reviewed by engineering.

Related Issues


Removing the battery from the zigbee fob and resetting may help, at least temporarily.

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