Bug: Cannot Delete a Device if it was ever authorized for IFTTT

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Description of the Issue

Once a device has been authorized for use by IFTTT, that device can never be deleted from SmartThings through the normal procedures, even if it is removed from the list of authorized devices for the IFT TT channel. Only support will be able to delete it.

Regions affected: All

Phone OS affected: All

UsersAffected: All

Variable or Always Occurs: Always occurs

Prior/Intended Function

You should be able to use the IFTTT connect smart app to deauthorize the device, and then be able to delete it through the IDE. Instead, there is a bug, and the device will continue to show as being in use by IFTTT even though IFTTT itself cannot see it. This will prevent the device from being deleted.

SmartThings official response

They are aware of the problem. If you contact support and give them the name of the device and its network ID, they can delete it for you.

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Requires support assistance to delete the device.

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