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In October 2017, smartthings and ADT introduced a new device, the ADT/SmartThings Security Panel, Which also has its own set of security sensors operating on a different frequency than those used for the Samsung smartthings hub.

The system can be professionally monitored by ADT, and also can be used to create the same kinds of home automation rules As are used in other smartthings hub devices.

The most commonly asked question is whether the sensors for home automation and security are interchangeable, and the answer is they are not. Each have specific purposes.

The new ATT/SmartThings security panel Essentially has two separate control silos inside of it. One is a smartthings hub equivalent which does Everything the current smartthings hub does and will see the brand new ADT sensors made specifically to work with that panel just like all the other sensors, so that they can also be used to, for example, trigger lights to come on through a smartthings automation set up in the smartthings mobile app. So as far as home automation rules to go, they are integrated.

However, the new ADT sensors Can only be used in smartthings home automation rules if you have the new ADT/smartthings panel. They cannot be paired with any of the other smartthings hub devices (Hub V2, Nvidia Shield Link, or Samsung Connect) Because those devices don’t have a radio on the right frequency.

The other control silo is used for triggering the new ADT specific responses. If you have paid for ADT monitoring, there is a cellular communications option which can contact the ADT monitoring center. These alerts follow standard ADT security rules and can only be triggered by the special new devices. So as far as security rules go, they are not integrated.

ADT security sensors which work with the other ADT professionally installed systems will not work with the new panel.

ADT Pulse zwave sensors may be able to work with the new panel, but they will be treated like the other home automation Z wave sensors and won’t be able to trigger alerts to the ADT monitoring center.

As far as hardwired sensors connected using or a similar method, those can be used exactly as they are used with the SmartThings V2 hub, but they cannot be used to trigger calls to the ADT monitoring center or with the other ADT – specific security features of the panel.

This is why you need to be really specific in the questions you ask.

Let’s say you are paying for the ADT monitoring. You have one of the new ADT motion sensors. You have one of the original smartthings branded zigbee sensors. You have one gocontrol Z wave motion sensor.

Using the smartthings mobile app, if you go into smart lighting and say you want to have the lights come on when a sensor triggers, you will see your list of sensors and all three of the sensors will be available to choose as the trigger.

But alerts to the ADT monitoring center can only come from the special ADT motion sensor built to work with this panel. Alerts from the smartthings brand motion sensor or the gocontrol Z wave sensor cannot trigger a call to the ADT monitoring center.

And the cellular connectivity is available only for calls to the ADT monitoring center. You can’t use it if you are self monitoring and you can’t use it for anything else and smartthings.

So you can see why you have to get really really specific in your questions, because what works when is pretty complicated.

If you have further questions, I would get in touch with SmartThings support. ADT support seems to be pretty confused about how the new DIY system works. As are many Best Buy employees. Hopefully that will get fixed overtime.

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