Zipato/Phileo Z-Wave Indoor Multi-Sound Siren

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Brand: Zipato/Phileo

Model: PH-PSE02.US

Type: Siren/Door Chime

Protocol: Zwave

Capabilities: Alarm, Audio Notification, Configuration, Refresh, Switch, Tamper Alert, Tone

Device Type Author: Kevin LaFramboise (krlaframboise)


This is a device handler for the Zipato Z-Wave Indoor Multi-Sound Siren. It's been tested on the US version, but it should work with the EU version too.


  • It plays 7 different sounds (Ambulance, Beep, Chirp, Door Chime, Emergency, Fire, Police)
  • Allows you to select a different sound for alarm.strobe, alarm.siren, alarm.both, tone.beep, switch.on.
  • Optional alarm duration settings with 10 options ranging from 30 seconds to 1 hour.
  • Has disable feature which is a hardware setting that prevents the device from making noise until it's enabled.
  • Supports the new Audio Notification Capability and allows you to use those commands to play the 7 sounds by name instead of having to use the ones specified in the device settings.

Device Type