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Brand: TP-Link

Note: This version uses SmartThings to TP-Link Cloud to control the device.

Models: HS100, HS105, HS110, HS200, LB100, LB110, LB120, LB130

Types: Plugs, Plug with Energy Monitor, Switch, Lights, Light with Energy Monitor

Protocol:LAN with independent Hub

Capabilities:Switch, Light, Brightness, Color Temperature, Color Control, Brightness, Energy Monitor

Device Type Author: djgutheinz


Service Manager and device handler series for the TP-Link HS-series plugs/switches and LB-series bulbs.

Installation Prerequisite:

a. TP-Link Kasa Account

b. Devices to control set up as 'Remote Control' through the Kasa App

Models and Capabilities:

HS-Series - ON/OFF

LB100/LB110 - ON/OFF, Brightness

LB120 - ON/OFF, Brightness, Color Temperature, Circadian Mode

LB130 - ON/OFF, Brightness, Color Temperature, Circadian Mode, Color

Optional Energy Monitor Functions (have above function plus Energy Monitor)

HS110, LB110, LB120, and LB130

Documentation Included

Installation Instructions

SmartThings Implementation description

Known Issues


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