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Category: Convenience

Author: obycode


SmartRules lets you easily create rules for SmartThings, so you can finally make your smart home smart! No more struggling to search through the published SmartApps to find something that meets your needs, or worse yet, trying to write the code yourself. With SmartRules, you just specify what should happen, when, and it does the rest.

Each rule is broken down into three parts triggers ("if this happens"), conditions ("while this is true"), and actions ("then do this"). Just select one or more triggers and at least one action, and you've got your first rule (conditions are optional). Below, you can see all of the supported functionality.

Supported Features

if this happens

  • Time
  • Sunrise/sunset
  • QuickTap (Today Screen and Apple Watch)
  • Mode is activated/deactivated
  • Acceleration sensor starts/stops moving
  • Alarm siren/strobe/both turn on/off
  • Beacon arrives/leaves
  • Button is held/pressed
  • Contact sensor is opened/closed
  • CO is detected/cleared/tested
  • Dimmer level goes above/below/equal to value
  • Door is opening / opened / closing / closed / unknown
  • Energy goes above/below/equal to value
  • Humidity goes above/below/equal to value
  • Illuminance goes above/below/equal to value
  • Lock is locked/unlocked
  • Motion sensor detects motion / motion ends
  • Music player starts playing / stops pauses / mutes / unmutes
  • Power goes above/below/equal to value
  • Switch turns on/off
  • Temperature goes above/below/equal to value
  • Water sensor becomes wet/dry
  • Valve is opened/closed

while this is true

  • Time is before/after value
  • Time is before/after sunrise/sunset
  • Day of the week is
  • Mode is active/inactive
  • Acceleration sensor is/is not accelerating
  • Alarm siren/strobe/both are on/off
  • Beacon is/is not present
  • Button is held/pressed
  • Contact sensor is open/closed
  • CO sensor is detecting/clear/testing
  • Dimmer level is above/below/equal to value
  • Door is opening / open / closing / closed / unknown
  • Energy is above/below/equal to value
  • Humidity is above/below/equal to value
  • Illuminance is above/below/equal to value
  • Lock is locked/unlocked
  • Motion sensor is/is not detecting motion
  • Music player is playing / paused / muted / not muted
  • Power is above/below/equal to value
  • Switch is on/off
  • Temperature is above/below/equal to value
  • Water sensor is wet/dry
  • Valve is open/closed

then do this

  • Run Routines or Hello, Home phrase
  • Activate mode
  • Notify via SMS/push notification
  • Turn alarm siren/strobe/both on/off
  • Take a picture with a camera
  • Open/close a door
  • Lock/unlock a lock
  • Push a momentary switch
  • Play/pause/stop/mute/unmute/next/previous/volume control/play url on a music player
  • Speak text with a speech synthesizer
  • Set dimmer level
  • Beep a tone device
  • Open/close a valve


Does SmartRules require my phone to be on to run the rules?
NO! The SmartRules app just sets up the rules. Once you save a rule, it is sent to the SmartThings cloud where it runs like any other SmartApp. Your device is only used to create the rules, and to trigger QuickTap rules.
Does SmartRules rely on another server or a third-party cloud service?
NO! The SmartRules app is simply a front-end for creating the rules. Once saved, the rules are sent to SmartThings where they will run like any other SmartApp.
Is SmartRules collecting information about me?
NO! Access to your SmartThings account and access to your personal data never leaves your phone and the SmartThings cloud. There is no data sent from the SmartRules app to anywhere, except back to SmartThings to run the rules. Your device connects with SmartThings and stores a special authentication token securely in the iOS keychain (provided by Apple with industry standard encryption techniques). This authentication token is used by SmartRules for direct communication with SmartThings only, and the data retrieved from SmartThings never leaves your device. obycode, LLC, the company that makes SmartRules, has absolutely no access to your SmartThings account or any information about your home retrieved from it.
I lost my device with SmartRules installed! What should I do?
If your device with SmartRules installed has been lost/compromised, you can easily revoke access by SmartRules to your SmartThings account by deleting the "SmartRules" SmartApp from your SmartThings app or the SmartThings IDE.