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SmartApp Author: Kevin LaFramboise (krlaframboise)


  • Allows you to easily see a list of information about your devices like battery percentages, temperatures, how long since last event, switch state, etc.
  • Web Dashboard that provides the same views as the mobile app, but can be opened from any web browser.
  • Receive Push and/or SMS notifications based on temperature, battery level, and/or time since last event. It also supports feeding notifications to the Ask Alexa Message Queue.
  • It can automatically poll the devices at a specified interval.
  • Turn Off All Lights and/or Switches with a push of a button. Dashboard also supports turning off alarms which can be useful when you're unable to get into the SmartThings mobile app.

Important Information

  • The first time you open the application, I recommend hitting Done as soon as you see the Setup screen because if you back out of the app instead of hitting Done, the app won't install and you'll have to reconfigure everything.
  • The Setup screen allows you to choose all of the devices you want to see information for. Regardless of which input you use to select the device, that device will appear on all the screens for the capabilities it supports. There is no need to select a device more than once.
  • If you want to use the Dashboard feature, you need to enable oAuth from the IDE App Settings. If you have the Dashboard and the IDE open in the same browser you will get logged out of the IDE every time you try to do something. If you want both open at the same time, use 2 different browsers or open the Dashboard using Chrome's Incognito mode.

SmartApp Screenshots

SimpleDeviceViewer-Alarms.png SimpleDeviceViewer-AllStates.png SimpleDeviceViewer-Batteries.png SimpleDeviceViewer-ContactSensors.png SimpleDeviceViewer-Events.png SimpleDeviceViewer-Home.png SimpleDeviceViewer-Lights.png SimpleDeviceViewer-MotionSensors.png SimpleDeviceViewer-PresenceSensors.png SimpleDeviceViewer-Switches.png SimpleDeviceViewer-TemperatureSensors.png SimpleDeviceViewer-OtherSettings.png

Dashboard Screenshots

SimpleDeviceViewer-Dashboard-Batteries.png SimpleDeviceViewer-Dashboard-Temps.png SimpleDeviceViewer-Dashboard-Events.png


The Code and Documentation can be found on the SmartThings forum.