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Category: Convenience, SmartThings Labs

Author: Josh Lyon

Mobile OS: Android (Chrome via ARC Welder)

Summary: SharpTools is a set of Widgets and Tasker plugins for the SmartThings™ platform.

Website: SharpTools Homepage

Widgets and Tasker Features

The app supports the following features via Widgets and Tasker plugins (via In-App Purchases):

  • Control your SmartThings automated home from Tasker and Widgets
  • Available device commands are automatically pulled from the SmartThings API
  • Send standard commands like on and off
  • Send commands with parameters like setLevel(Level0-100, dimOverXSeconds) for capable Dimmer Switches
  • Pass Tasker variables to many of the SharpTools Tasker plugins
  • Subscribe to Thing status changes and react to them in Tasker
  • Query the current status of your devices in Tasker
  • Simple interface for changing modes
  • Subscribe to Mode changes and react to them in Tasker
  • Query the current Mode in Tasker

Note that while the base application is free, the Widgets and Tasker plugin are each available as an In-App Purchase (IAP).

Main App Features

Additionally, the base SharpTools app provides the following features:

  • Simple interface for controlling a device
  • Control your Things, Modes, and Hello Home Phrases using the new Material design!
  • Authorization to access devices you approve through the SmartThings API
  • Initial download/configuration of your Things and Phrases

Test Group / Early Releases

If you would like to join the test group and get early access to features, follow the instructions linked below: