Iris Contact Sensor - 3320-L

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Iris 3320-L product.jpg

Brand: Lowes

Model: 3320-L

Type: Thermostat

Protocol: Zigbee

Device Type Author: Mitch Pond/SmartThings (mitchpond)


Contact Sensor

Device Type -- Official

"SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor"


  • Battery
  • Configuration
  • Contact Sensor
  • Refresh
  • Temperature Measurement

Iris 3320-L pic1.png

Iris 3320-L pic2.png

Device Type -- Unofficial

'Iris Open/Closed Sensor by Mitch Pond/SmartThings (mitchpond)

"Adjusted the SmartSense Open/Close to match up to the Iris model. Same functionality" and screenshots as official