How to Reset Philips Hue Bulbs

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Note: the following method will only work if the bulbs were previously connected to a coordinator using zigbee channel 11, 15, 20, 24 or 25. This is because these are the only channels that your Hue bridge can use, so if the bulb is not already on one of those channels, the hue bridge will never find it.

The problem you can run into is that, like other zigbee home automation (ZHA) coordinators, The smartThings hub might be using one of the other zigbee channels, such as 14. So if you had your hue bulb directly connected to your SmartThings hub without a bridge, and your hub happen to be using zigbee channel 14, the following reset method is not going to work, there's no point in even trying. It will fail in the last step. Instead you will need to purchase an additional device, such as the Lutron connected bulb remote, which can transmit the reset instruction on all zigbee channels.

You can tell what zigbee channel your SmartThings hub uses by looking in the IDE. So before beginning this process, verify that the coordinator that the bulbs were previously associated with was using zigbee channel 11, 15, 20, 24 or 25.

One of the problems that many users have is that they accidentally connect their Hue bulbs to their HA hub, or they do it on purpose. While many zigbee bulb manufacturers use a blink pattern method to reset, Phillips chose not to do that. Instead, you have to find a way to issue a reset command to the bulb.

This will walk you through how to reset a Philips Hue Bulb using only your computer and your Philips Bridge.


 - This method was first documented by Monte Montemayor  in this SmartThings community forum. Community Discussion
 - JDRoberts for his edits and expertise of information

Step One - Internal IP

 Obtain the IP address of your Philips Bridge. 
 You must be on the same network as your Bridge.
 -->--> CLICK HERE <--<--
 This will open in a new window. Just leave the window open, you will need the "Internal IP address" that is shown

Step Two - Bridge Access

 You now need to access your Philips Bridge. Replace the IP address in this with the IP 
 address you obtained in Step One. Paste this into a new window URL and hit enter.
 When you do it correctly, it will look like this:

Step Three - Bridge User Name

 In the URL box (yellow box) please paste this:  
 In the Message Body box (green box) please copy and paste this:
 **Ensure you change the Bridge IP to the one you obtained in Step One**
 Finally, click on the "POST" button (red arrow).  
 You will get the following result that should look like the picture below:
 **You will now press the "Big Button" on your Philips Bridge, and then click
 the "Post" button above within 30 seconds.  You will then receive this message:

Step Four - Specific Light Address

 When you use this method to reset a Hue Bulb the Bridge will send the command out to
 every device connected to it. So, we must discover the address of the particular device
 you are attempting to reset. Otherwise, you must secure the power to every device.
 Using the IP Address from Step One and the User Name from Step Three you will
 insert them into this string:
 Paste the above string into the URL and click the Get button. You will receive something
 like this in the message body:
 Scroll down and find the device you are working with. Notice the number in the Green Boxes.
 That number is the specific address of your device.

Step Five - Resetting the Device

 Before moving forward, ensure that the device you are resetting is powered on and placed within just a few inches of the Philips Bridge.
 - Once you have found the number for your device, add it to the end of this string and paste it into the URL block:
 - Paste this into the Message Body block:
 - Press the "Put" button and you will receive this message:

 Your device will blink a couple of times to acknowledge being reset.  It should then be discoverable in a search
 Other Resources: Phillips Dev Website