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Product: iBeacons

Brand: All

Type: Presence

Protocol: Cloud to Cloud

Device Type Author: obycode


BeaconThings is a simple app to let you integrate iBeacons into your SmartThings smart home. Using iBeacons, you can get more reliable, and more specific location information. Spread some beacons around your home, register them with BeaconThings, and it will tell SmartThings when you're nearby. For each BeaconThing you register, a device is added to SmartThings that can be used with SmartRules, or custom SmartApps, to trigger events.

BeaconThings are organized into "Places" and "Areas". An area is one specific location, like "Kitchen", and is specified by one specific beacon. Areas map to the "minor" field of the beacon. A place is something like "Home", or "Work", and would typically contain multiple areas. This maps to the "major" field of the iBeacon. When setting up your home, you'll configure your beacons with the BeaconThings UUID (specified in the app), and then choose a unique major value for each place, and unique minor values for each area. When any of the areas in one place are detected, then that place is "present".

Once you've registered your BeaconThings, you never need to open the app again. It will do its work 100% in the background with no user interaction required.

To minimize battery drain, BeaconThings only uses iBeacon monitoring. This means that it won't tell you whether you are inches from the beacon, or 20 feet away, only whether or not the beacon is detected in range. When you need to detect a limited range, just use an iBeacon with configurable power settings.

Device Type

The source for the iBeacon device type is available on GitHub, but when using BeaconThings, you do not need to manually create and publish this device type. Just use BeaconThings to register your beacons and the devices will be created correctly.