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From the "EchoSistant Smartapps Family" comes Keypad Coordinator. Designed

for use with the SmartThings connected Iris 2nd Gen Keypad. "Keypad Coordinator"

gives you the flexibility and diversity to use the keypads for just about

anything you can imagine.


Disclaimer This is NOT a security smartapp. PIN's are NOT encrypted or hidden in any way.

Keypad Coordinator

Category: My Apps

Author: Jason Headley - ST community handle @Bamarayne

Author: Bobby Dobrescu - ST community handle @SBDOBRESCU

Special Thanks:

- Jordon (@Squidward) for beta testing the app as I built it. Thanks!

- Eric Thayer (eThayer) for the inspiration I gained from his work on Lock Manager, an outstanding SmartThings

Security SmartApp.

Find his work here: Lock Manager:

Keypad Coordinator Features

What can you do with Keypad Coordinator?

- Execute actions - Routines and Modes

- Control devices - Momentarily turn on, Toggle, Flash, and turn on/off switches

- Virtual Presence with actions

- Garage Doors

- Smart Home Monitor

- Adjust Thermostats

- Panic Button with actions, devices, and notifications

- Chime when contacts open

- General Restrictions

Keypad Coordinator Software - Current Releases

Keypad Coordinator Software File Location
Echo : Keypadcoordinator "Parent App" KeypadCoordinator.src:
Echo : Keypad-Profiles "Child App" Keypadrofiles.src:
Echo : Virtual Person "Device Handler" VirtualPersonDTH:

Execute Actions

Devices Control

Select the devices you wish to control. This feature was added to treat the keypads like light

switches. Simply pressing "ON" will turn on the devices, and pressing "PARTIAL" will turn

the devices off. (the off button does not send information unless a code is entered first)

Virtual Presence

Garage Doors

Smart Home Monitor


Panic Button


General Restrictions