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The following devices work with both HomeKit and SmartThings. Most of these are officially supported by SmartThings, but verify to be sure if that is important to you.

(Note that there are several companies like Fibaro, Sylvania, and Leviton that make different versions of their devices that may look identical, but where one model will work with SmartThings and a different model will work with HomeKit. Also, some devices, like those in the IKEA Tradfri line, can work with either SmartThings or with HomeKit, but not both at the same time. So read specifications for each product carefully, don't just look for logos.)

If all you want is Siri voice control of otherwise incompatible devices, you can do that with a Siri shortcut, although the setup is pretty tedious. See the “voice assistant“ section below.


August Pro

Requires August Connect Bridge

August Pro with Zwave (retrofits existing deadbolt, no external keypad unless you buy an extra device)

Manufacturer Product Page

Yale Connected by August (WiFi/Bluetooth) (replaces existing deadbolt, has built in keypad)

Manufacturer Product Page



Arlo integration depends on the specific model involved. In February 2020, they added HomeKit integration for most Arlo generation one, Arlo pro two, and Arlo pro three camera models, but it depends on the exact base station that you have.

There is an official Arlo/smartthings integration for the Arlo generation one and Arlo pro two models, but not for the Arlo pro three model yet. You can use the same camera with both HomeKit and the official smartthings integration.

The Arlo pro three model does work with their IFTTT channel, so you can get some partial integration with smartthings that way. And the camera can work with both HomeKit and Ifttt at the same time.


Netatmo cameras have some HomeKit integration and there is a community-created device type Handler for them.

So no official integration, but you can have some shared control.

Manufacturer site

Outlets and Pocket Sockets


Integration with SmartThings is via IFTTT. These devices are expensive, but well engineered, and have interesting features like a two socket outdoor Pocket-socket ( although they turn on and off together, not independently). They have an in wall receptacle were each socket is independently controlled as well as the usual plug-in pocket sockets.

Manufacturer Product Page

Lutron Caseta

Requires HomeKit-compatible Lutron SmartBridge or smartbridge Pro

Lutron Caseta plug-in Light Dimmer (for table lamps only, not for small appliances)

Manufacturer Product page


Meross has an Official smartthings integration using the new V3 app. They have a number of different devices. The ones that will also work with HomeKit will have the HomeKit logo.

The Meross outdoor WiFi pocketsocket has two independently controlled outlets. ETL safety certified. Has official integrations with both HomeKit and SmartThings. $35, occasionally on sale for $30. Note that it is intended to be installed hanging down so water doesn’t get into it.

Amazon listing

They also have an ETL safety certified indoor pocket socket, very simple, but can handle up to 16A (many smart plugs can only handle 10A). Often on sale at a cost of two for $25.

Amazon listing


HomeKit integration requires the separate WeMo Bridge for some models

WeMo Switch Smart Plug

manufacturer product page

The SmartThings integration will work at the same time as the HomeKit integration, but is considered in beta status. supportbase article

April 2019 Update

A recent firmware update from Wemo appears to have broken the SmartThings integration. You can still use IFTTT as a “man in the middle“ and get some integration that way, but this is a disappointing development. Community discussion

Smart Bulbs

LIFX Bulbs

LIFX Bulbs

Manufacturer Product Page

Nanoleaf Aurora

Indirect integration with SmartThings through IFTTT. No direct integration yet.

Manufacturer Product Page

Philips Hue Bulbs

Requires Philips Hue Bridge, 2nd Generation or Newer

Most Hue Bulbs and Light Strips

Manufacturer Product Page

(Note that at the present time the hue motion sensor, tap switch, and dimmer switch work with HomeKit but do not work with SmartThings through the hue bridge. There are community – created integrations that may let these devices work with SmartThings if they're connected directly to the SmartThings hub, but then they will no longer work with HomeKit. There are new community integration is being created all the time, but if you want one that also works with HomeKit it will need to be one where the devices are connected to the hue bridge.)



Integration with SmartThings is via IFTTT. These devices are expensive, but well engineered, and have interesting features like their battery-operated accessory switch that can be placed anywhere. ( note that the accessory switch doesn't work on its own, it must be paired to another iDevices model. So it's essentially just a remote for that device.)

Manufacturer Product Page

Logitech Smart Button (either/or, but not both at the same time)

Requires HomeKit-compatible Logitech Bridge

Pop Button (Large square rubbery battery-operated button in 4 colors)

This one is deceptive, because when you go to set up the Logitech POP bridge, you have to choose between either setting it up for HomeKit or setting it up for internet integrations such as IFTTT or SmartThings. So unlike the Phillips hue bridge or the Lutron Caseta devices attached to their smartbridge, it cannot work with both platforms at once. You have to choose one or the other. If you choose HomeKit, it will no longer work with SmartThings. If you choose SmartThings, it will no longer work with HomeKit. So it won't be what most people are looking for, but if you just want consistency in operation, you could have one pop bridge that works with HomeKit for one set of buttons and a different Pop bridge that worked with SmartThings for a different set of buttons. But each individual button will either work with HomeKit or with SmartThings but not both.

Manufacturer Product Page

Lutron Caseta

Requires HomeKit-compatible SmartBridge or SmartBridge Pro

All mains-powered Caseta switches, including the fan control switch

[ Manufacturer Product Page]

Pico remotes can be used with the SmartBridge but will be invisible to SmartThings unless you use the community – created integration with a "man in the middle" server like a raspberry pi


Meross has an Official smartthings integration using the new V3 app. They have a number of different devices. The ones that will also work with HomeKit will have the HomeKit logo.

Only some of the models can support a three-way set up, so read product descriptions carefully.

These are quite inexpensive, particularly for devices with ETL safety certifications, and often have an additional coupon on the Amazon product page. They are also sold in multipacks which bring the price down even more.

Amazon listing

WeMo (beta integration)

HomeKit integration no longer requires the separate WeMo Bridge for most models

WeMo WiFi Smart Light Switch

manufacturer product page

Note that only the on/off switch is compatible with SmartThings, not the newer dimmer switch.

The integration was created by SmartThings but is considered still in beta. supportbase article

This integration was created by SmartThings but is considered still in beta. supportbase article



Ecobee Lite

Ecobee3 (HomeKit model)

Ecobee 4

Ecobee SmartThermostat

Manufacturer Product Page


Honeywell Lyric Round ( this is the only Honeywell model which currently works with both SmartThings and HomeKit)

Manufacturer Product Page

HVAC Other than Thermostats


GE AHP08LX Window Air Conditioner. SmartThings integration through IFTTT. Currently sold only at Lowes.

Lowes product page

IFTTT service

There will be additional models available for sale at Home Depot with slightly different features:

4 More GE Air Conditioner models compatible with HomeKit


None at present offer full simultaneous integration with both platforms, but there are some options.

1) Caseta motion sensor can be paired with an existing Lutron switch, but the sensor itself will not show up in either smartthings or HomeKit. So you can use it as a parallel means of control, but not in smartthings routines.

2) The Philips Hue motion sensor paired to a hue bridge will show up in HomeKit, but not smartthings. Or it can be directly paired to smartthings, but then it doesn’t show up in HomeKit. So if paired to a hue bridge, it provides a parallel means of control. It’s possible this will change once matter compatibility is available on all three brands, but we will have to wait and see.

3) if you use aqara sensors paired to one of their HomeKit – compatible hubs, then you get full HomeKit integration and you can use the same sensor to trigger an Alexa routine to activate a virtual sensor in SmartThings. There may be some latency on the SmartThings side because of the cloud integration through Alexa, but it is doable. This is probably the best option as of April 2022, particularly because the individual sensors are offered at a very attractive price. Note that if you link the Aqara sensors directly to a smartthings hub, you will lose the HomeKit integration.

4) Warning: Fibaro makes two different models of its sensors, one that works with smartthings via zwave And one that works with homekit. They look identical, but the firmware is very different. So if you just want all the sensors in the house to look the same, you can consider these, but there’s no integration with any one sensor. It either works with HomeKit or it works with smartthings, not both.

Window Coverings

Lutron Serena

Requires HomeKit-compatible smartBridge or smartbridge pro

Serena Shades

Manufacturer Product Page

Voice Assistants

Siri Shortcuts

You won’t get any other HomeKit features, but if all you want is Siri voice control of your smartthings devices, there is a way to set up a Siri shortcut. It’s clunky, though, and you have to set up one for each device state, but it does work. Community Discussion with Method Details



Official Apple list of all certified HomeKit accessories:

Official Site

Samsung SmartThings Support

Official Site