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Great idea! --Brice from obycode (talk) 12:27, 5 November 2015 (EST)

CP: Resolved bugs need to be tagged somehow...

The Known System Issues should either be renamed and/or moved to a different category or sub-category once they are confirmed resolved, please.

JD: there's a resolution line

with the date of the resolution at the top of the page, see for example the second user bug. [[1]]

I'd leave it that way for a few weeks after the resolution so everybody can catch up. Maybe even 60 days. Because we all know sometimes the official resolution doesn't actually solve the problem for everyone.

After that, I think it's fine to either delete the page altogether or archive it somewhere.

CP: It makes browsing the list of bugs difficult

Since both the closed and open bugs are under this same Known Issues Category, a reader that is only interested in unresolved bugs cannot just browse through the list without the resolved ones cluttering the process. I shouldn't have to drill down into a particular bug title just to find out it is no longer relevant to me.

I agree that resolved Bugs need to stay readable ... Why not just change the Category on them immediately?

Heck... let me go ahead and try that with one example and see how it looks.