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SmartThings maintains a list of compatible devices for both the US and the U.K. [1]. This category should contain articles about officially supported devices with additional information collected by the community. We should provide more information about these devices than what SmartThings provides, such as details about the supported features, known issues, screenshots, etc.

As of late 2019, SmartThings published their API and now individual device manufacturers can create their own integrations which will appear in the V3 app. Those devices can be added to this category in the wiki as well as the ones with integrations created by SmartThings.

If it is a manufacturer-created integration, It is helpful but not required if you also include a link to that company’s support page.

How to create a new device page

To create a new device article, first you'll need to create the page. The easiest way to do this is by searching for the title you'd like to use in the search bar. If nothing is found, you'll see a link to create the page. (See here for other methods to create a new page - [2]) Once you're in the new page, you can start off with the device template by adding the following to the page's content, then saving the page:

   [[Category:Officially supported devices]]

After you save the page, that will expand into the device template (you can edit the template here: Template:Device). Now that it has expanded, go ahead and add your content.