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SmartThings Support maintains an official system status page for both the US [1] and the U.K. You can also subscribe for email updates to this page. However, it appears that only short term outages that affect a very high percentage of customers are posted to the status page.

This category allows for the community to track known system issues, including both bugs and features that were temporarily removed but are expected to return. All entries should be in wiki style: a statement of facts with links back to threads in the forum for discussion. This category should not be used for known device issues, which can be placed on the individual device pages.

Issues which are known to affect only one region should have the region code in the title such as (US) or (UK).

You can use the template Template:Create a Known Issue Page to setup a page with a common format by adding the following to a new page. Saving the page will expand the template, then you can fill in the details.

    {{subst:Create a Known Issue Page}}