Bug: zigbee devices keep dropping off (Osram conflict)

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Description of the Issue

Sometime in mid 2016 a problem occurred where installations that included Osram bulbs connected directly to the SmartThings hub started having difficulty conveying some zigbee messages. The end result is that it would appear that various zigbee devices, including motion sensors, zigbee bulbs, zigbee door sensors, etc were randomly going off-line. But the problem actually wasn't with that device: it was that the Osborne bulbs were not effectively relay messages to and from that device. The problem is very difficult to diagnose unless you just remove all Osram bulbs for the system. If that fixes the problem then there may not be any work around other than leaving those bulbs off the account until this issue is resolved.

Regions affected: All

Phone OS affected: All

Users Affected: Depends on the exact network setup

Variable or Always Occurs: Variable

Prior/Intended Function

When connected directly to the smartthings hub, the Osram bulbs should be able to act as zigbee repeaters.

SmartThings official response

They are aware of the problem and are investigating.

Related Issues


At the present time the only resolution is to remove the Osram bulbs from the account. Then the other zigbee devices should work fine again.

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