Bug: object, object instead of device name

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Description of the Issue

In late January, 2016, community members began reporting that attempts to authorize third party services like Echo and Harmony produced a device list where every device was listed as "object, object" and the integration could not be completed.

Regions affected: Unknown

Phone OS affected: All

UsersAffected: Unknown

Variable or Always Occurs: Once it occurs, always occurs

Prior/Intended Function

When setting up an integration with a third-party service, all appropriate SmartThings-controlled devices should be listed by name for selection.

SmartThings official response

They are aware of the issue and engineers are looking into it.

Updated Response: Issues connecting new devices and integrations with OAuth should now be resolved. If you continue to experience problems, please emailsupport@smartthings.co.uk

Related Issues


This issue appears to be resolved as of Feb 2, 2016.

One member reported he was able to select one of the "object, object" devices through the Echo app and then came back to the Echo smartapp and was able to authorize other devices there. [1]

If a workaround is needed for Echo control of Harmony, that can now be done without using SmartThings at all by using echo's IFTTT "trigger" method. [2] Use the same harmony activities for the "that" in the IFTTT recipe. The phrases are somewhat longer and it does require use of the free IFTTT service, but it may be more reliable.

Community Discussions

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