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Description of the Issue

Attempting to add a second person to a SmartThings account returned an error message "not available at this time".

Resolved: 10 November 2015

Regions affected: All

Phone OS affected: All

UsersAffected: All

Variable or Always Occurs: Always

Prior/Intended Function

Up through all versions of all mobile apps prior to the 2.0 release, it was possible to have multiple users added to a SmartThings account. This made a number of features possible, including using each person's cell phone as a separate presence tracker.

  • Official support FAQ on adding and managing users [1]

SmartThings official response

on 10 November 2015 Smart things officially announced that this had been resolved and the ability to add users Is again available. [2]

Related Issues

It appears that this was related to the architecture issues that were discovered when the UK region was added.


There were no complete workarounds. Some individual features can be replaced with the following methods:

  • other presence detection methods can be used, in particular the life 360 phone app which has an official integration with SmartThings [3], to identify multiple users coming and going from the house based on their phone location without needing multiple users on the SmartThings account.
  • the SmartThings Arrival Sensor device will still register as a separate presence
  • The third-party dashboard, SmartTiles [4], can be installed on any browser to create a custom view of just a few devices if needed to give a second user access to control devices without adding/deleting them.
  • Widgets from third-party apps like IFTTT can be used on a second person's phone to give quick access to a few features without giving access to the main account.

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