Bug: Sonos integration causes network failure

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Description of the Issue

sometime in the fall of 2015, users with Sonos devices begin reporting two different kinds of failures. First, some of the Sonos features themselves it failed. Second, the local network would fail, sometimes even all Zwave devices. At first, no one realize this was related to Sonos, but eventually it was discovered that removing all Sonos devices could clear up the other network problems. This may have to do with some API changes from Sonos resulting in runaway polling.

Regions affected: All

Phone OS affected: All

UsersAffected: Those with multiple Sonos devices were most likely to be affected, but there is some randomness.

Variable or Always Occurs: variable

Prior/Intended Function

Sonos integration with multiple Sonos devices.

SmartThings official response

They are aware of the problem. At present their only suggestion is to remove all Sonos devices except one and see if that improves the situation.

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The more Sonos devices you have connected to SmartThings, the worse the problem will probably be.

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