Bug: SmartThings SmartPlug fails on V1 Hub after previously working fine

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Description of the Issue

This specific model device may work just fine for several months and then randomly begin failing. Several devices of the same model may fail all at once, or the problem may occur first on one device of this model, and then on another one.

Regions affected: All

Phone OS affected: All

UsersAffected: Random, but only users using the V1 model hub

Variable or Always Occurs: variable, but once it begins occurring it may occur on any of this model device connected to the network. It is not always the same device that fails.

Prior/Intended Function

Once successfully paired, the device should accept commands from the network.

SmartThings official response

Beginning in early May 2016, SmartThings support acknowledged the problem and said it had been escalated to engineering.

On 10 May 2016 Smartthings support said and engineering fix have been applied to the platform, and the problem should be resolved for most people, although devices may need to be removed once and re-paired to access the fix. If you continue to have problems, report them to support.

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SmartThings support suggest removing the device from the network and adding it back. However, this may only solve the problem for a while and then it can return.

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