Bug: Jan. 12, 2016, External Integrations fail (Echo, Harmony, IFTTT, SmartTiles) (Resolved)

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Description of the Issue

On January 12, 2016, External integrations requiring access to SmartThings devices failed. For example, if a command was given to Echo for a connected home device controlled by SmartThings, Echo would say OK, but then nothing would happen.

Some users are also reporting similar issues with switches that run locally.

Regions affected: Unknown

Phone OS affected: all

UsersAffected: unknown

Variable or Always Occurs: always occurs once it happens the first time

Prior/Intended Function

SmartThings official response

They are aware of the problem and working on a fix.

The official status page [[1]] was updated to indicate that "some users are having problems with routines" which appears to be the same issue being tracked on this page even though it may not necessarily involve routines.

On January 13, The official status page indicated that the problem with routines had been resolved. However, some users continued to report the other two kinds of issues: local switch is not operating and integration with third-party services not working.

As of the evening of January 13, it appears all three problems have been resolved.

Related Issues

Some users are reporting issues with switches that run locally. It is not yet clear if this is the same issue or just something else that happened at the same time. The author of SharpTools reported that after he made a change to fix the initial authorization problem his app was still unable to control local devices.


Smart bulbs that were connected directly to smart things can be moved to the hue bridge and then controlled by echo that way.

Harmony activities can be triggered directly from echo through IFTTT without using SmartThings.

Moving devices which were previously local to the cloud will generally make them available again to routines. This requires using a modified device type.

Other than that, there do not appear to be any workarounds.

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