Bug: Cannot Blank Out SmartApp Input Field

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Description of the Issue

Bug: Cannot blank out field: SmartTiles Video tile and others, SMS. Android v2.0.5

In Android 2.0.5, after setting and saving an optional input field, when the user returns to alter their configuration, if they completely blank out the field and save ("done"), the field returns to the previously saved value: i.e., it is not possible to completely blank out a field.

Observed with both a "text" and "phone" field, but others not tested.

Regions affected: all

Phone OS affected: Android, SmartThings App v2.0.5.

UsersAffected: any

Variable or Always Occurs: always

Prior/Intended Function

Blanking out an input field in SmartApp Preferences should set it to the blank value (or default value if defined by the SmartApp). This worked in Android v2.0.3 and still works in iOS v2.0.4. Windows not tested.

SmartThings official response

Support Ticket #157504: 2015/11/17 - SmartThings Support marked ticket as "SOLVED", but with no actual resolution. Ticket was reopened by submitter.


Thanks for reporting this. This is something we noticed about the same time. The more reports, the better, though, so thanks.

Related Issues


  • SmartApps could include code that checks for "near blank" values in an input field (e.g., "0" for an SMS phone number), and treat these as blank/default in the app logic.

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