Awox Striimlight Wifi Color

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Brand: Awox

Model: SLC-W13

Type: Color light bulb with Wifi Speaker

Protocol: LAN

Capabilities: Actuator, Switch, Switch Level, Color Control, Refresh, Sensor, Polling, Music Player, Speech Synthesis

Device Type Author: obycode, ule


The Striimlight Wifi Color combines a color changing lightbulb and a Wifi speaker in one. It connects to your home Wifi and then can connect to SmartThings using the two methods described below (one for the light bulb functionality and one for the speaker).

Known Issues

This device can be somewhat unreliable, but it is currently the only device offering this combination of features. Some users have experienced issues requiring occasionally resetting the device by turning it off for a minute, then turning it back on.

Device Type

Since this is a LAN device, to install it, users should install both the service manager SmartApp and the device type, then use the service manager SmartApp to perform the installation. In order to simplify access to this device's features, we create two separate "things" for it, one for controlling the music, and one for controlling the light.


Publish both of these, then run the SmartApp to connect the Striimlight to Smartthings.

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Service Manager:

Device Type:


This speaker supports DLNA, so it can be discovered and installed using the Generic DLNA Media Renderer: