AwoX StriimLIGHT Sl-w10

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Brand: AwoX

Model: StriimLIGHT Sl-w10

Type: Music Player, Led Light

Protocol: LAN

Capabilities: Actuator,Switch,Refresh,Music Player,Polling,Speech Synthesis

Device Type Author: ULE


Allows to control your Device from the SmartThings app. Perform basic functions like play, pause, stop, change track, and check artist and song name from the Things screen. Allows to SmartThings SmartApps to send audio messages, tracks, sounds and audio streamings.

Compatibility reported by @obycode

UI look and feel

Controls Settings

Known Issues

This device will occasionally lose its connection with SmartThings and need to be reset. They do seem to be actively developing it and is has improved with several firmware updates that have been pushed out to it. It is recommended to have your router assign a static IP address to avoid some problems.

Device Type

Music Player: