Aeon Motor Controller

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Brand: Aeon

Model: DSC-14104 ZWUS

Link: Aeon Labs DSC14104-ZWUS - Z-Wave Micro Motor Controller

Type: Motor Controller (SPDT relay with off)

Protocol: Z-Wave

Device Type Author: bravenel


"Aeon Motor Controller" is a device type for the Aeon Micro Motor Controller (DSC-14104 ZWUS). It provides the three commands the device is capable of, Up, Down, and Stop.

To use this device type in SmartApps, use "capability.doorControl" in Preferences to select the controller. Then you can reference the state of the device with device.currentValue("motor") or device.currentMotor. The device can be in one of three states: up, down, stop, e.g. if(device.currentMotor == "up") {...} There are three commands available: up(), down(), stop(), e.g. device.up()

After you include the Aeon device into ST, edit its device type in the IDE to be "Aeon Motor Controller"

Down turns on motor M1, and Up turns on motor M2.

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