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Welcome to the unofficial SmartThings wiki!

This wiki will serve as a place for the SmartThings community to build up information that we have learned and want to share.

The SmartThings Community is awesome. This wiki should be used as a place to more permanently store some of that information that we share there, in order to make it easier to find and maintain. Everyone is welcome to create an account and begin adding or editing content.


"Published SmartApps" and "Officially supported devices" can be installed directly from the Marketplace section of the official SmartThings mobile app.

"Unpublished SmartApps" are either community-created SmartApps or from third party developers and have to be "published" to your account individually before they can be used.

"Unofficially supported devices" may use existing official device types or require community-created code "published" to your account individually before they can be used.

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